On a drive home one summer day in July 2012, the name David Eby popped into my head, accompanied by a very particular melody. The name “David Eby,” you see, already sounds like the three-syllable lyrics to some ridiculous jazz/scat song, yet as far as I know, nobody had taken advantage of this indisputable-fact-of-nature to create a song. I used Voice Memos on my phone to record the idea, and lo-and-behold, the lo-fi recording become proof that yes, “David Eby” repeated over and over IS an amazing lyric.

Who is David Eby to me? I’ve heard the guy’s name, know he is a lawyer and advocate for civil rights in the Downtown Eastside, but besides the highly singable name, don’t know much else. My old boss J. was the only person I could think of who would know who David Eby was, so I sent the recording to him in July 2012. My malicious-but-friendly hope was that J. would immediately have this pleasantly repetitive song become permanently lodged in his brain, so every time he saw David Eby’s name, it would be triggered — an irrevocable ear worm. But J. wrote back in July 2012 to say,

“Y’know dude’s got another political campaign in his future somewhere down the road…can definitely see this being a campaign song, buddy.”

Sure enough, I’ve learned recently that David Eby is running against Christy Clark in the contested Vancouver-Point Grey riding in the upcoming 2013 BC election. Perhaps this could become a useful jingle after all.

You can listen to the David Eby jingle here on SoundCloud, or use the embedded player below:

Obligatory disclaimer: This jingle does not suggest an endorsement or non-endorsement of David Eby for his candidacy for his current race. Please consider this song as apolitical as it is atonal.

Disclaimer 2: Although I would be happy to accept money from anybody, really, if you’d like to pay me to use the song AS an official jingle. Because “every potential MLA in BC needs a jingle,” as the saying goes.

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