So the silence is pretty post-apocalyptic here on my site, but I’m not actually dead. Over with Domain7, I’ve still been busy working and writing and scribbling down words. Here’s a collection of some of the works that have materialized in this new space:

My first day at Domain7

“At Pixar, they call it beginner’s mind.” That’s my former colleague Derek talking, gesturing wildly and speaking faster and faster like a circular saw approaching a two-by-four. He’s telling me about a conference he’d just attended. [read the entire article here]

Productivity Habits and Hacks

This whole “starting a new job” thing has forced me to return to the basics of what it means to actually do work. All my old instincts have to be recallibrated for this new environment: everything from how to most efficiently structure my day, to how to best manage emails. So I figured that if I’m spending all this time re-learning productivity habits and hacks, I thought, hey, I might as well share what I’m learning with you. [read the entire article here]

The World’s Worst Project Manager

Tips on good project management are as common as pre-printed Royal Wedding memorabilia, and they’re just as useful, too. After all, if project management was just about following instructions, we wouldn’t have construction projects going years beyond deadlines or Fast Ferries being sold for scrap metal.

For those of us who need to see it broken in order to know how to fix it, here is our guide: tips and tricks for becoming the world’s worst project manager. [read the entire article here]

A Christmas Mad-Lib

A semi-traditional quasi-long-form end-rhyme Christmas poem, sent as a Christmas card to Domain7′s clients. “Fill in the blanks to join Domain7 on a dramatic, seasonal, internet-themed, literary adventure, then share the ridiculous rhyming results with your good-humoured friends.” [read the entire poem here]

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Kevan Gilbert is a writer, speaker and content strategy on the West Coast of BC, Canada.

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