If you’re age 11, possibly in grade 6, looking for ideas for things that haven’t been invented yet, this post can hopefully inspire you to think up some great ideas.

I originally wrote this post  in 2006, and since then, many of these have been created. See if you can find the ones that have already been made! Leave a comment if you recognize an idea that turned into a real product.

I usually think of an invention about once a week. Oh, I don’t do anything about it, I just imagine what my invention would be like and then I say something like, “I just invented a portable microwave,” and then I go back to cooking pasta.

I decided to publish list of of these inventions. I’m fairly detached about them, but also excited: that is, it’s obvious that these things should be invented, but I’m obviously not the one to do that, so if somebody wants to take my ideas and invent them for real, please do so, just remember this blog entry when you do, so people will say, “Oh yes, that Kevan fellow invented all those things.”

Here’s my list of Things That Should Be Invented But Haven’t Been Yet:


Xerox was working on this – they had a commercial on TV about 5 years ago, encouraging people to imagine it. Here’s my version: It’s paper that serves as a computer screen. You use a two-button pen to interact with it. Let’s say you’ve got a typed document in front of you: just tap where you want to edit, and you can make changes in your handwriting. It converts it back to typed text.


I’m fairly certain I once saw these advertised, too – if you remember, please send me the link. From the line-out of your audio device, you have one “speaker pad” that resembles a single defibrillator pad. Affix it to ANY SURFACE (a wall, a rock, the ground) and it will utilize the material vibrations present in the surface to transmit sound from your device, and turn that same surface into a giant speaker.


Face it, the concept of “storage space” in a digital environment should soon become obsolete. Infinite memory is just as it sounds: no storage limitations, no gigabytes, no nothing. Oh, memory still exists, but it’s be available without limits because of the technology on which it’s recorded. Additionally, it should be super cheap. For instance, hard drives and USB memory sticks should hover at a constant price of about $10 – $20, with consumers paying strictly for the “cool packaging.”


Why are we still plugging devices into walls, and relying on batteries? Let’s develop electricity that is accessible using some kind of antennae device. Wind power, solar power? Sure, those are viable options. What it comes down to is that “electric power” is available to be plucked out of mid-air, kind of like Wi-Fi works now. Just make sure we don’t get electrocuted by wearing earrings or something.


Here’s how it looks: speakers positioned at any point in your house can pick up on a secure signal transmitted from your audio device, and play music. No audio cables required, and no complicated technical set-up, either. I guess Apple’s already done this with that whole AirPort thing, and it also kind of contradicts my “full-surface speakers” notion. But hey, it’s still an okay idea.


It’s already pretty obvious that the “next-generation hand-held device” is going to be an all-in-one device. Kinda like that iPhone thing we’ve been hearing about. That’s what this is, only more significant. Imagine: this device has the dimensions of a credit card. The entire card is an interactive touch-screen, made of virtually unbreakable materials. The device has up to 80 gigs of memory (just for now, until infinite memory is developed), and can serve any or all of these functions at the same time:

Mobile phone
MP3 player
Gaming device
Blackberry/Palm Pilot/Treo
Still & Video Camera
Portable hard drive
Credit card, debit card and points card (payment and rewards system)

That’s right, you pay for groceries with it, you listen to music, play games, conduct business, transport data…anything that needs to be done. With the touch screen, there’s no need for a keyboard or a pen. The card widens at the end to provide enough width for a single in-and-out port that serves as headphones jack/USB connection/power supply.

7. Laptop with screen  legs

A laptop with an extendable screen, so you can raise up the screen to eye-level for better ergonomics and posture. I even sketched this one out!

A laptop with extendable screen heights

8. Walls with switchable views

Instead of painting your wall, use a screen that spans your entire wall surface to show whatever paint colour, wallpaper or view you like. Change daily to suit your mood, weekly when company comes over. Change to an ocean view when you’re reading, or a book-panelled wall when you’re having a serious conversation.

9. Need more ideas? Email me using the contact page!

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Kevan Gilbert

Kevan Gilbert is a writer, speaker and content strategy on the West Coast of BC, Canada.


  1. Aw, Lainey, you don’t mean that. You just want to help bring some of these ideas to reality, but you’re frustrated with humanity’s general lack of progress. I understand. And I agree, it is stupid. Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow.

  2. this is not helping me im younger than u think and stuff like this is nott gnna help me any this is 4 a school project and it is something tht haasnt been invented soo think of more than this stuff tht is like for 26 year olds COME ON!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Kevan… U inspired me…
    I’ll try my best with a team to invent any one of the item said by you….
    I love ur thoughts… Ur cool Man :)

  4. I like how the commenters in 2006 couldn’t imagine these things. Yet here is the Ipad!


  6. hey kevan hope you are alive man this blogs were of 2006 this is 2010 man u got a great thinking if any of this invention is possible i want to invent wirless energy man i m still in intermediate ist year but thinking is like urs apart from wirless energy all other thigs r also great lol xoxi

  7. like the ideas. it’s great to think these inventions. this is my opinions on each. 1) there may have been inventions close to this for exmple the interaction boards most schools have. there are also touch screen inventions in supermarkets. your talking of paper that serves as a computer screen and you can edit mistakes in your handwriting. the closest thing anyone can invent in this technological age is paper which has a screen reflected on it and it pinpoints where you touch. already invented. the handwriting thing, thats another story. to have that work you would need to have very neat handwriting that already looks as it would on the computer. you would need to add in a scanner too to go over it, highlight the work then process it. it’s possible but not quite. the handwriting thing needs to be invented seperately to make all writing viable and once thats mastered it needs to merge. to master it, it would take around 5yrs then and extra 5 to master the merging
    2) full-surface speakers. i’m a little confused on what you mean about this. my interpretation is you connect something to a part of that surface then working on vibrations, the whole surface turns into the speaker. you would get background noise along the vibrations and your music would sound like nothing over it no matter how loud the speakers go. this isn’t exactly possible to enrich those who possess the device.
    3) infinate memory is a no. no matter how hard the producers try, they will never be able to give infinate memory unless the wanted it to take up the whole of australia. even then there wouldn’t be infinate memory. if you got 3 million Giga hurtz of memory that wouls last many generations so in our life yes that would be infinate.
    4) if wireless memory was possible to invent, we would lose most of the earths population due to being electricuted wearing earings and other conductable pieces of jewellery. if this was possible to be invented it would already be invented. the closest thing to allow this would be lightening. that has an electric pulse and produces static electricity. if you used solar energy fair enough but to create pure wireless electricity would slaughter many people. your suggestions of wind and solar energy have been invented for years, so in a sense it wireless electricity has been invented. i may have misinterpreted what you meant though btu pure wireless energy is too much of a health risk
    5) already invented but only within the last couple of years
    6) to get 80gb you’ll need some sort of thickness in it. i know credit/debit cards have a chip but the card itself doesn’t have memory, the chip is linked to a computer database. that holds the memory. it’s a good idea and possible but it will take years to make. we have time, lets say that so in time this could be invented.

    they’re my opinions. if you want to talk about my feedback, e-mail me at i looked on this site so i could find logical ideas that could be invented. i’m not great with technology but i’m willing to give it a go. i would like to invent something in my life. i have a friend who is good with technology and we have ideas but we are only young and don’t have money to aid these ideas. i know you shared your ideas but we aren’t sharing ours. i have 1 idea i’m willing to share but it’s pretty dumb. i like modelling with clay and an idea i had was to make a car out of clay. it’s far-fetchin and in all honesty a stupid idea so i’m not going to attempt it lol. hope you read this and understand the angle in which i’m looking from. try thinking of a few simpler ideas mate. good you thought of these ideas but not all are viable

  8. sorry i meant wireless electricity not memory. my bad. shows how inportant it is to proof read lol

  9. this is weird like the other person i am looking for something to do for a school project not for some ting that is already almost invented NOT BY YOU

  10. Cool everything but inifinte memory exists, and did exists before you worte this, also google was around for you to check if it was invented. But hey leave it to an inventor not to use use someone’s invention to see if their invention already exists.

  11. holoollool


  12. i think your ideas are pretty cool and i bet will soon be brought into our mechanical revolution that the world is progressing through. Everyone on this blog that have critisized these new ideas are only stooping to the stupidity of single-mindedness and the inability to think and create new and amazing products that could better the human society as we know it today.

  13. i think your ideas are pretty cool and i bet will soon be brought into our mechanical revolution that the world is progressing through. Everyone on this blog that have critisized these new ideas are only stooping to the stupidity of single-mindedness and the inability to think and create new and amazing products that could better the human society as we know it today. i

  14. this things you wrote down seems impossible but i believe it is possible. who would ever believe that man would fly in a machine that acts against the gravitational pull.when you talk about wireless means of transferring electricity, have you ever thought of how lightening can strike a conductor passing through just air .this things are possible

  15. I think these ideas are awesome. Especially the touch credit card thing. You’ve got some cool ideas.

  16. Dude you are beast omg i am so borde heehee hahah lololol o yeah

  17. hey i like the sound of the everything chip and the digital paper i hope to join them together and come up with something really cool.

  18. #2 has been invented,I saw it on Almost everything u listed has already been invented

  19. I already have ideas on how to invent some of these ideas! Thanks!

  20. Number 2 was on Shark Tank in 2011. It’s been invented, now. These are not stupid ideas at all.

  21. what were you thinking these ideas aren’t ever going to be invented face the facts dude.

  22. Lainey I think u are really, really stupid I have to do a project for school an I have to Invent something and I think these are really cool ideas

  23. I saw wireless bluetooth speakers yesterday at target, and also tablets now you can write on it as if it were paper, also at 5 below there are these tiny speakers that you attach to any thing in your house and converts that object into a speaker!

  24. i really like ur ideas but can u explain how most of them work

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